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Stacking rings

I love turning old, unwanted and broken jewellery into something new. Another case of recycling pieces that have been sitting in a drawer, waiting to be worn and loved again. Rather than go for one new ring, the customer went for stacking rings – so many options now!

Like peas in a pod

Commissions are always a pleasure, even more so when the piece is for a dear friend. The sapphires and diamonds were taken from hardly worn earrings and turned into a set of peapod pendant and earrings.

Love Down Under

Some of the most heart-warming and rewarding commissions are engagement rings, the thought of my work being a symbol of love is wonderful! One of the latest pieces went to Australia, to a lovely couple looking for something a bit different. The rings arrived on the day that Australia voted in favour of same sex marriage, timing couldn’t have been better. It’s sad that in the 21st century people still have to vote for it, when there is nothing more beautiful and important than 2 people loving each other! 

Labour of love

I meet a lot of lovely people through my work – this couple was one of the nicest!! The task was wedding bands using an old brooch of very sentimental value and a few stones they had bought on holiday.

bm10 bm8Have a wonderful wedding in 2017!

Recycling again

Two very different recycle projects:

lauraThe lovely agate came from the customer’s nan’s ring,  a section was cut and set into a very different contemporary ring.

alisonI had old gold rings and a few small tanzanites to work with – adding a white gold main band and a square blue sapphire – voila!

A very different look

I have worked with some precious stones, but this one was exceptional!! A stunning 1ct marquise cut diamond!

gwenA beautiful ring originally, but the customer wanted a fresher, more contemporary look, and this is the new look:gwen1

“I’m sitting in the car still talking about how lovey my ring is!! Thank you so  much again. Trust me, I will be back!” Gwen

Happy Anniversary

It should have been a ruby anniversary, but the stone that the customer fell in love with was a sparklier red spinel.

linda6 linda5

“The ring arrived today and I absolutely love it. It fits perfectly and looks so stylish with its chunky contemporary look and glistening red stone. I’ll be wearing it a lot! Thank you for your acre and attention and it’s so nice to know that I’ve got something so beautiful and so unique”. Linda


Getting hitched

It seems like getting engaged is back, and while some couples opt for unusual engagement rings, there’s still a demand for more traditional ones. Here’s a selection of engagement rings that are new to my collections, set with diamonds, Moissanites and white topaz, in silver and gold or all gold -so something for different budgets.


International love

Making wedding bands for customers is always a great pleasure and honour for me – those rings will be worn for the rest of their lives! They are an even greater joy to make when it’s a lovely couple – and these two were especially lovely, a Canadian-Swedish love affair!


The Cure for a Broken Heart

You know by now how much I love “recycling” old unloved or broken jewellery, but it is especially pleasurable when it is for a wonderful person –  this one ticked all the boxes.

I couldn’t put it into words how much the process of having her old ring given a new lease of life meant to Rosie, so here it is in her own words:

Thank you ROSIE x


The luck of the Irish

Engagement rings come in all shapes and sizes… some cases in the shape of a woolly jumper!!

photo (4) So, understandably, after years it was time for a proper ring, with each stone representing as important aspect  – amethyst=Scotland, emerald=Ireland and an aquamarine =the daughter’s birthstone. FullSizeRender What more does a girl need – a ring to make you sparkle and a jumper to keep you warm! Apparently it’s “still wearing well”.

Austrian romance

I admit it – I’m a sucker for romance! And this was really special for me, the young man was one of my students back in Austria, so when he visited me and ordered some pieces of jewellery for his wife and young daughter, it meant a lot…….and made me feel really old….I remembered a boy and there was a young man with family 😉

He chose this for his wife Herbert1 and a little heart for his little girl Herbert3.

That was about a year ago…….and yesterday I got a photo, his two beautiful  girls wearing my jewellery Herbert.

A touch of pink

Yes, I have been recycling again! And this one was such a pleasure, because it was for such a lovely lady! There were 3 quite nice diamonds in her old ring Yvette1 but she also wanted a touch of colour…pink. These were the contenders, Yvette but the little sapphire was the one! And the sparkly result was this Yvette2

More love under Florida skies

Remember this commission, wedding and engagement rings for a lovely girl in Florida? Jonathan Now of course there had to be a matching wedding band for him too! And as a little reference to her rings, their two birthstones should feature in his ring as well. So, this is it Jonathan+Amanda2 with a little surprise inside Jonathan+Amanda1

A Marine on a mission

I’m always touched when people choose my work for their engagement/wedding rings…this one had me in tears…..of joy I must add! Not only did Ryan choose one of my favourite diamonds for his girl, after hours of fretting whether she would like it too ryan1 , the precision planning of the whole proposal, the attention to detail….it was so touching!

Well, the ring was ready Ryan , there was only the small matter of staying calm and not giving the surprise away, get his girl up that hill and propose. ryan+charlotte “Hell yeah!”

Tying the knot

Engagement rings come in all different styles and shapes. There was no beating about the bush – this young man wanted to tie the knot, and I had to do it quite literally – make a ring in the shape of one! The couple had bought a pear shaped amethyst when on holiday Mike Delwiche and that needed incorporating too. The result was this: mike And she said “yes” in Paris! mike+maggie

Love under Florida skies

This is another commission that makes me go all gooey and happy. Jonathan, in Florida, commissioned engagement and wedding ring, using his and her birthstone. He’s put so much thought into it and writing his proposal speech while I was making the rings. Jonathan1 The plan was to propose on his birthday, so the rings were posted well in time (I was told it takes 3-5 working days)….over 3 weeks later!!!! and missing his birthday by two days, she finally got the ring on her finger. Oh, and she said yes! Jonathan+Amanda


I really love turning old, unwanted jewellery into something new. The usual challenge is “the customer has to love it”, but this one was very challenging: fit 14 diamonds from a pair of earrings into a ring! I’ve set 7, 8, 9 diamonds, but this is a PB so far.

Rowena Rowena


There is so much unwanted, unloved and not worn jewellery out there, but at the same time of sentimental value. By giving old pieces a bit of a make-over, they get a new lease of life! These are just some examples of what can be done!

Vicky (2) 006 Danielle Jane2 Rachel H


Making jewellery is my main passion, but pretty much up there too are books – love them! So I’m delighted to be embassador for WIGTOWN BOOK FESTIVAL.



go and visit – all you book lovers, check out their website for events!

A fragment of an acorn

I really love unusal and challenging commissions – and I think this one beats them all! I was contacted by a lady asking if I could make a pendant for her, setting a “fragment of an acorn”…..and yes, it is exactly that! acorn So this fragile bit was sent to me from Montreal, Canada. Obviously it must mean a lot to the lady, so working with it was tricky, as I was worried I might break it. But all good and this is the pendant going back to Canada 002– the little fragment of acorn looking a bit different now. 005


It’s great that more customers think of re-using their old unloved jewellery. This is what I had to work with Pamela (6) and this is the result Pamela (2) A new life for 2 diamonds and a sapphire!

Wedding ring Clare+Eric

Every time a customer buys or orders a piece of my jewellery, I genuinely feel humbled and honoured. Especially when it has got some significance, like an engagement or wedding ring.

I made this wedding ring Clare1 for Clare, who is going to get married to Eric tomorrow. Congratulations and a happy future for you both!


There are commissions, and lovely commissions and then there are really special ones. Straight from the first contact this ring was always going to have significance and meaning – so no pressure then!

I made this one for a very special lady Jackie (2) Jackie (4) and have been deeply touched by her story. Knowing that this ring will always be on her finger means a lot! photo (2)


Engagement ring Gus + Nat

Ok, I’m a sucker for love and romance and some commissions are just that! I was contacted by Gus about an engagement ring for his girl, wondering if i could use the diamonds of his nan’s ring photo (6)  So I wiggled 5 stones out photo (5) made 2 rings for him to choose from (with blue tack to show the position of the diamonds photo (4) and this is the result Gus

Last night I got a text saying that she said “YES” – that’s the perks of my job!

photo (8)

Cafe des Fleurs

Of course I love all my commissions, but every now and then there is one that is special. Like this commission for a birthday present. It was decided that the lady would come and choose a stone, so she could get exactly what she wanted, and meeting her for the first time I knew she’d choose something special – this one! photo (33) Now, I had actually bought this stone with myself in mind, but I can’t keep every stone I love, so I was really pleased that such a lovely woman chose such a lovely stone. And this is the ring I made for her – I think she loves it!

photo (32)

Yellow diamond

Sometimes when I buy stones, I fall in love with one of them and plan to make something special for myself. Problem is, I love so many of them, so with a heavy heart I have to part with them.

photo (2)

I immediately loved this marquis cut yellow diamond, and really set it aside for myself. But then a lovely customer was interested in a yellow diamond ring, so I had to let it go.  And I’m not sad about it, I know that it is going to a good home!


2 diamonds MISU ring

I was contacted by a lovely lady from Devon – she was after a special ring for her anniversary. Like with most customers, we never met but via e-mail and telephone we discussed design, diamond size…and this is her ring!photo (2)

Marquise Praesiloite

Lovely commission for two rings photo (13) set with one of my favourite stones!

HARE ring

This must be one of the most unusual , thoroughly enjoyable commissions so far. Lovely customer had the idea of an engagement ring in the shape of a leaping hare, and here is the result photo (17) White gold and a dark blue sapphire. Now she just has to say yes!

A few weeks later and I got the good news: they are now officially engaged! Congratulations! And this is the ring finally on her finger DSCF2529after the proposal on a beach in Devon.DSCF2531


Customer comments that just make me happy

Of course it’s great when customers buy more than one of my pieces, but the really rewarding thing is getting lovely comments! She’ll be delighted with her stocking filler! RIVDA-3-g 4pt

“Back to work and just dropping you a line to thank you for your help on Sunday when Clare and I were in and bought the three rings of which only two Clare at the moment, knows about. She has already received loads of comments about the one that she is wearing along with her wedding and engagement rings………one or two were very envious of such an outstanding ring.

I really like that particular ring it is in my very humble opinion stunning, possibly the most stunning ring I have ever seen. I have managed to get the third back home and hidden from her so fingers crossed.”


 I was surprised by a production of this video by The Big Brass Tag. Enjoy watching it

In memory of her Granny

I made this ring for a customer with the idea of it being engraved, so I thought Granny it had a special meaning. Delighted that the customer loves it!

“My lovely new ring in memory of my Granny Anquetil, it is gorgeous, thank you!”  Ella

PEAPODS collection

Alongside earrings, studs and pendants photo (17) there are now also rings with single or double (6)

Orange Sapphire

Really enjoyed this commission – to set customer’s own orange sapphire in one of my MISU rings. Sapph F&F And to add more sparkle, a little diamond!

Iona marbles

Such a lovely commission – 40th birthday present from one sister to  another – iona mmarble pebbles  from a beach on Iona they picked together set in a pendant.iona

“I wanted to let you know my sister *loves* the pendant. She was really delighted when she opened it and said it was better than she had hoped for.
Thank you so much for doing a brilliant job with it. I’m really pleased with how it turned out.  I wanted to say a big thanks!”    Jan


X-mas exhibition

Very delighted to be showing my work at lovely Fearn Gallery. This pendant 011 in silver and gold set with pearls is one of the centre pieces.

Article in Jewellery wish

It’s so nice when you get approached by people who want to write about your work! Have a read:

Wedding bands Emma and Andy

I made silver wedding bands for lovely Emma and Andy quite a while ago, finally their big day arrived!

“We wrote our own vows based on the rings: as they appear fragile and strong and as symbols of hopes, dreams and love”                                     emma+andy

All the happiness in the world to you and Congratulations!

Sophie Sunshine

sophie sunshine This little pendant is a special 1st birthday present commission for a special little girl – her mum calls her “Sophie Sunshine”, which is engraved at the back.

Happy customer

I made this ring Sally3 for a lovely customer, incorporating all her specifications. Her comments really mean a lot.

Hi Susanna

I have my unique ring. It’s stunning and I shall be wearing it tomorrow and showing it off. I’ve already shown the photo to loads of people. Thank you so much for making it. I’m looking forward to ordering more . You have yourself one very happy customer. 

Many thanks 

Sally xx

Watermelon Tourmaline

Among a collection of uncut stones, I found this lovely watermelon tourmaline  and couldn’t resist setting it – this is the result! Will be hard to give it away!photo (5)

40th anniversary

This rough ruby ring was a 40th anniversary commission for a lovely couple 40th and after 40 years, he finally got a matching wedding band too.

Engagement and wedding band

The engagement ring and wedding band can be worn individuallyphoto (3) but look like one when worn together photo (6)

RIVDA rings with gold detail

And here it is – the first diamond set RIVDA-G ring, perfect as wedding bands  photo (8)

Emerald ring

Leeds “I am absolutely thrilled! I have collected my emerald ring and it is gorgeous! I love it. Thank you so much it is just perfect. I have never wanted to be 40 so much so that I can wear it.
Thank you, from a very very happy customer.”
Kate x

RIVDA new additions to collection

A new version of RIVDA rings with gold detailRIVDA-G1 + G2 available in various widths. Set with stones coming soon.

Wedding ring commission

A variation of the RIVDA ring  175 for a wedding band. New RIVDA rings with the addititon of gold coming soon.

RIVDA bangles

The latest addition to the RIVDA collection, photo 6bangles in silver and 9ct gold.  Set with stones and diamonds coming soon!

New RIVDA bangle

I’ll be adding bangles to the RIVDA collection soon. Made this for myself bangle1 and had great response, so there will be more – plain or with different stones – coming soon!

RIVDA rings

8dI don’t know what it is about them 31d

these colours make me happy and smile!

Rivda rings

I just so love making these rings, the colours – like candy! 37d

MISU additions

New pendants 32b and studs 26bfor the MISU collection, silver with gold elements.

These are probably some of my favourite stones. 13c Was just about to put the oval one on the website, when a customer fell in love with it and took it home. The round one stays with me – it’s MINE!1c

RIVDA beryl ring

Really chunky RIVDA ring, a true statement piece!                        643

Commitment rings

Made these for two lovely girls in Co. Durham. Their big day still almost a year away, but they feel my rings are perfect for them. 016

Jewellery Monthly article

Self taught Jewellery Designer presents her inspirational work

We love finding new and inspirational designers here at Jewellery Monthly and being big twitter users over @jewelrymonthly I was introduced to Susanna’s work by a chance RT which led me to browse her website and collections.  What captured me first was the unusual style of the designs;  rough and unpolished surfaces providing a welcome break from the smooth, unblemished finishes we have become accustomed to. Some set with Diamonds, colourful gemstones or pearls, others left to cast your eyes or fingers along their rugged, weathered surfaces. A visual treat for any jewellery fan.

Edinburgh based Jeweller, Susanna explains that

“All my pieces are handmade and one-off pieces, usually using silver and gold combinations. In one of my latest collections ARRESTING I also include bronze, copper and brass”

With no formal training, Susanna is entirely self-taught which I find even more inspirational. The quality of her work, photography and knowledge of her craft is that of a well practised artist.

Jewellery by Susanna Hanl

” I just love what I do, making something beautiful that hopefully means a lot to the customer”

Susanna talks with passion about her collections: “For the RIVDA collection I try to use unusual stones to make the rings truly unique, the MISU collection features diamonds, pearls and precious and semi-precious stones. I love special commissions and try to source stones for customers, or use their own and rework old, unloved pieces. Apart from bold statement pieces, I also have easy to wear collections such as BLOBS and NUGGET

Susanna Hanl Jewellery

Susanna’s work speaks for itself.  Her designs stand out from the crowd, offering a beautiful array of considered designs with imperfections that only add to the quality and uniqueness of her work.

Browse Susanna’s online store at: and buy something new today


Read the article at


Victoria Sewart Contemporary Jewellery

Some of the pieces I posted to my new stockist –757 beautiful gallery Victoria Sewart in Plymouth. Delighted to stock them.

50th Birthday present

004This ring was commissioned by brother and sister for their mum – 2 little rough diamonds representing them! Hope she will love it.

MISU tanzanite pendant

This pendant is a special surprise for the bride when getting married in Thailand.p


Bi-colour tourmaline gold ring

005So delighted that this beautiful stone in shades of pink to dark brown will be on the finger of beautiful and lovely customer. A birthday present to herself!

MISU earrings

New to the MISU collection MISU-E4 dangly earrings in silver and gold.

NUGGET pendant

New addition to NUGGET collection, silver and solid 9ct gold nugget pendant 006

Victoria Sewart Contemporary Jewellery Gallery

This is so great, am very happy to have Victoria Sewart in Plymouth as new stockist! 033

Focus Gallery

Delighted to stock Focus Gallery       255          HEARTS in Nottingham.

NUGGET earrings

037The latest addition to the NUGGET collection, easy to wear earrings in silver with solid 9ct gold nugget. Available in all silver too.

RIVDA rings

Different shades of greens 321 and blues mix1

MISU ring with diamond

A wider version of the MISU rings set with a 4pt diamond 011a



059 silver cufflinks set with rough diamonds

RIVDA rings

Pinks, blues and greens 048 the latest additions to the RIVDA collection

RIVDA rings

Finished these today, zirkon, mandarin garnet and amethyst the colours of spring497

Yellow beryl ring

This beauty was shipped to the Netherlands last week                                                   RIVDA-8-RSTcitrine

“I received the ring today – it is really gorgeous, I am very pleased with it, the colour is fantastic, so sparling! Thank you very much for everything..” Jacqueline, the Netherlands


Amethyst ring

042  5mm 9ct yellow gold ring set with oval Amethyst – latest commission for lovely customer


Silver cufflinks set with rose cut citrine .   051 Made for a very special person!

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